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Atlantic Shed, Concrete Slab Guidelines

Using a concrete pad for your new Atlantic Shed storage building can be a great way of assuring an excellent installation. If you do choose to use a concrete foundation, there are five very important details that must be considered prior to hiring a concrete contractor.

1). The slab must be square and level. If the concrete is out of level (greater than " in 10') it causes expensive shimming or cutting of framing. If corrections are not made during framing, the lines (where the wall meets the ceiling) may be noticeably out of level. If the slab is not square this will cause serious problems with your shed.

2). Your slab must be the same stated size of your new shed. For example, if you purchase a 10' x 12' shed, your slab must be 10'x 12'.

3). Anchors, " x 8" J-Bolt type anchors ( or equivalent ) should be set in the concrete around the entire perimeter. Anchors should be 12" from the corners and 32" on center thereafter toward the center of the wall on the slab, except where the door goes. This way there will not be an anchor where a wall stud should be if the framing is 16" on center. The J-Bolts should project approximately, 2 " above the slab surface and approximately, 1 3/4" in, from the edge of the slab.

4). For best results, make sure blocks, wire mesh and reinforcement bars are used in the slab to help prevent cracking.

5). The finished surface of your slabs must be a minimum of 5" above the grade.

Any variation to this can cause serious problems with your shed.
slabdrawing (32K)

Here is an example of a nicely prepared slab.
fairhaven1 (157K)

fairhaven2 (141K)

In this way, the siding can overlap the surface of the slab 2" and still have 3" of clearance to the grade. to ensure that your building will stay dry and that there will be no wetness backup inside the structure from snow, ice melt or rain.

You should ensure that your particular area allows this type of product as well as conformance to all applicable zoning and/or building codes. Your local building department can assist you in identifying these issues !

Failure to comply with these simple specifications, may affect your warranty, Atlantic Shed may consider your warranty null and void due to improper installation if the slab is not installed correctly.

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how to build a concrete slab for a shed