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2-Car, 3-Car, Single Level or with Attic Space or even Complete Second Floor, Garages, Built on Customers Concrete Slabs Perfect Buildings for Your Farm Equipment, Lawn Tractors, Boats, ATV's, and more....

These pre-fabricated and/or modular garages are a fantastic, affordable alternative to having one built on site. They are perfect buildings to store your motor vehicles, lawn equipment or to be used as a small workshop.

The double wide garages come with 2 overhead doors, 4 windows and gable vents.

The walls are kiln dried 2 x 4's, - 16" on center, with 2 x 4 rafters, - 24" on center for the roof. Penalized walls and pre-engineered trusses allow us to build you building in just a few days.

Trusses are pitched 8:12, 10:12 or 12:12

There is also ample room area on the second level of the 2-Story Garages to be used as a studio or for an office space.

Built On Site Garages:
Double Bay Garage, Single Level, Price List

Up size to a 2 bay garage for your boat or farm tractor and you've instantly got more options.. 2 bay storage package in a wide range of sizes.
(( Built On Site, On Customers Concrete Slab ! ! ! )

Built On Site Garages:
Double Bay, 2-Car 2-Story Garage, Price List

Perfect to store your precious vehicles or for a small workshop, our double wides come standard with 2 overhead Doors, 4 windows and gable vents. The walls are 2 x 4's - 16" on center 2 x 4 rafters for the roof.
( Built On Site, On Customers Concrete Slab ! ! ! )

Built On Site Garages:
Double Bay Gambrel, 2-Car 2-Story Garage, Price List

Perfect to store your precious vehicles, boats, lawn tractors or for a small workshop, with lots of room on the second level. Our double wides come standard with 2 overhead Doors, 4 windows and gable vents. The walls are 2 x 4's - 16" on center 2 x 4 rafters for the roof.
( Built On Site, On Customers Concrete Slab ! ! ! )

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Need Space ???

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Site Survey,

We need a reasonably flat or level area on which to deliver your building.

By appointment, we will come to your location, mark out the exact spot where your building will be constructed. We will also work with you on the design of your building on a one-on-one basis. This is a free on-site consultation ( within 25 miles of your shop ) as part of the process.

This usually take about 20 minutes and will save a lot of time in the long run. I will schedule a date, to have your building delivered to your property,

We have many options available for your building features.

The same construction techniques and materials that are used in building homes are implemented in all our storage buildings. They can be insulated, equipped safely with electrical service and heat for use as comfortable Workshops, Home Offices, Storage Units and much more. Our buildings meet and exceed all building code requirements.

Fast Friendly Service,

Site Preparation;

It is important to have a level pad for your new building. We recommend you that you prepare an area 3 feet greater than the size of your building. Example: for a 12 x 20 - prepare an area 15 x 23. We recommend 2-4 inches of crushed stone. Which in turn gives you good drainage and keeps your shed dry enhancing it's durability. We do not recommend block as they tend to settle uneven and is very difficult to unload.

Since all municipalities have differing regulations and requirements, we recommend that you check with your local government's building code enforcement office. Building-code officials, in addition to supplying the permit (for a fee that varies with the municipality), will also advise on "setback" requirements, which will determine where the building can be placed in relation to front, side and rear property lines.
Additionally, there may be any number of restrictions or requirements a property owner must meet depending on location, how your property is classified (i.e. residential, farm, etc.) and whether a building is designated as a "permanent" or "temporary" structure based on the size of the building or how it is constructed. Residents of subdivisions also should check any subdivision regulations concerning detached buildings.

Your building needs a level, smooth site. On many lots, this will require some digging to eliminate grades and humps. Spending some time preparing the site will pay off. The result being less maintenance and a better appearance. A concrete slab is the best building base, but framed in pressure treated timbers gravel is a popular and simpler choice. Gravel is relatively inexpensive, easy to install and provides excellent drainage. Fine "pea gravel" or 3/4" crushed, blue stone works well as a base.

The homeowner is responsible for zoning search and building permits. Most areas allow a 10x12 building or 120 square feet without a special permit. Larger buildings usually require permanent footings. For the floor, the best way to go on any size building is to have a solid concrete slab poured. You should always check with your Town Hall first ! ! !

Click here for more info > Solid Concrete Slabs.

We can pull the Building Permit for the home owner, at an additional charge. It may take two days travel to your town hall plus drawings to acquire your permit for you.

The home owner will have to provide us with a plot plan of the property.

Drawings are available at an additional cost depending of the size of the building. Massachusetts Professional Engineer Stamped Drawings are also available with an additional cost to be paid up up front, none refund able, the drawings are your to do with as you please.

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