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Atlantic Shed
Site Preparation

A Crushed Stone Pad Works Well For A Site To Build Your Shed On,

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We are a full service shed company. We can build your Crushed Stone and Pressure Treated Timber Pad for You.

Sheds need a level site. We can prepare your shed site to give your shed a longer life and prevent problems caused by rotting and moisture. Spending some time now to prepare the site will require less maintenance in the future. On many lots, this will require some digging to eliminate grades and humps. Setting your shed on a stone base prevents wood rot by keeping the foundation skids and joists dry.

Crushed stone is relatively inexpensive and provides excellent drainage. A 3/4" crushed, blue stone works well for a shed base. 3/4" crushed stone, 3 to 4 inched deep and at least 2 feet greater than the size of the shed along each wall. This will allow for better drainage around the perimeter of the shed by keeping water from splashing up onto the shed walls. It will also allow you to maintain all around the shed in the future.

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SIZE Stone Only Stone and Timbers
12x12-4" Deep $ 450 $ 750
12x14-4" Deep $ 475 $ 775
12x16-4" Deep $ 500 $ 800
12x18-4" Deep $ 525 $ 825
14x16-4" Deep $ 550 $ 850
16x20-4" Deep $ 650 $ 1,075
20x26-4" Deep $ 875 $ 1,275

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                 ***We also install Footings for your shed***

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Solid Concrete Footing 4 feet deep,
8 inch tubes are 100.00 each.
10 inch tubes are 125.00 each.
12 inch tubes are 150.00 each.

Footings should be within 8 feet of each other,
A 10x12 shed should have 3 on each side and 1 in the middle for a total of 9 footings.
A 12x24 shed should have 4 on each side, 3 on each end and 1 in the middle for a total of 12 footings.

We are always about 4 to 6 weeks out in time frame so plan ahead !

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