Atlantic Shed, Window Installation

Follow these easy steps to install your windows.

1) wininstall1 (183K)
Drill a hole in each corner of your window framing

2)wininstall2 (205K)
Cut out the window rough opening. We use a sawsall from the inside.

3)wininstall3 (195K)
From the outside, nail the window to the wall, it's Ok to add a little caulking
around the window before you nail it, Make sure the screen is on the bottom !

4)wininstall4 (71K)
We use roofing nails

5)wininstall5 (86K)
The levers should be on the bottom of the window

6)wininstall6 (192K)

7)wininstall7 (187K)
Start your window trim with the top

8)wininstall8 (188K)
Then add the side and bottom

9)wininstall9 (185K)

And your done !


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