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If you are looking for a shelter for your pet outside your home, then wooden kennel is
the best choice complimenting your home decor will make your home more attractive.
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Wooden Pet Enclosures. Storage area for food and a door for bedding area.
Keep you pet well protected from the weather and danger from coyotes entering your yard.
SIZE Texture 1-11 Pine Shiplap Vinyl Flooring
4x6, (24 Sq. Ft.) Small Pet $840 $960 $1080 $125
4x8, ( 32 Sq. Ft. ) $1,120 $1,280 $1,440 $160
4x10, ( 40 Sq. Ft. ) $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 $200
4x12, ( 48 Sq. Ft. ) $1,680 $1,920 $2,160 $240
6x10, ( 60 Sq. Ft. ) $2,100 $2,400 $2,700 $360
6x12, ( 72 Sq. Ft. ) $2,520 $2,880 $3,240 $375
8x10, ( 80 Sq. Ft. ) Medium Pet $2,800 $3,200 $3,600 $400
8x12, ( 96 Sq. Ft. ) $3,360 $3,840 $4,320 $480
10x10, ( 100 Sq. Ft. ) $3,500 $4,000 $4,500 $500
10x12, ( 120 Sq. Ft. ) $3,200 $4,800 $5,400 $600
10x16, (160 Sq. Ft. ) Large Pet $5,600 $6,400 $7,200 $800
12x16, ( 192 Sq. Ft. ) $6,720 $7,680 $8,640 $960
14x16, ( 224 Sq. Ft. ) $7,840 $8,960 $10,080 $1,120

Addtional travel charges may apply

Standard Features
• 4” x 4” Pressure Treated Timber Base
• 2” x 4” Kiln Dried Wall Stud Framing, ( 24” on center)
• 2” x 4” Roof Trusses, ( 24” on center)
• 1” x 6” Vinyl, Pine Shiplap or Texture 1-11 Siding

• 1 - 12" x 12" Fixed Window,
• Gable Vent,

• Front Mesh Door to run area,
• Back Door to Storage area, 30” wide by 72” high
• Inside Pet Door, 24” wide by 30” high

• Heavy Gage Zinc Wire in Containment area
• Galvanized fasteners for weather resistance
• 30 Year architectural shingles with #15 felt underlayment

Additional Options:
• 2” x 4” Pressure Treated Floor Joists
• 2” x 6” Composite Decking in Run Area
• Insulated Bedding Box, with Lined Interior and plywwod floor
• Front Entrance Door Inside Run Area, 30” wide by 72” high

You can also just add Partial Flooring leaving some gravel and some floor space so that your pet can be raised off the ground when it wants to be.

The size of a kennel depends on its purpose and, of course, the size of the pet. Our small kennels are perfect for cats. Our Medium and large kennels will depend on the size of the dog. The average size is 8 feet by 12 feet. A larger dog may need a 14-foot by 16-foot enclosure.

If your dog or cat will be spending most or all of his time outdoors, spare no expense add a floor. Our wooden floors work well it keeps your pet off the cold ground. Your kennel can also be build on flat patio blocks or it can be built upon a concrete slab that is above the ground. Should it rain, this prevents illness by keeping your dog away from wet ground. Sleeping on the cold ground may cause arthritis, and could shorten your pet's life.

We build our Dog Kennels with T1-11, Pine Shiplap or Vinyl Siding. We offer kennels with a single bay or you can also order the kennel with multiple bays. As an option, the storage room may be placed at either end of the shed or in the center.

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Your beloved pet, whether dog, cat, reptile, or any other animal, and whether small, medium, large or extra large, entirely depends on you for its daily protection from the many dangers outside, which include wild animals, stray dogs, dog thieves and malicious neighbors, and also inclement weather, such as rain, wind or snow. In addition, many laws mandate that dogs and other pet animals be housed in safe outdoor enclosures.

To enhance the beauty of your kennel you may also have it stained.

With rising fuel prices it is not cost effective for us to travel any great distance.
Addtional travel charges may apply

Free delivery within 25 miles of our shop in East Taunton, Ma.

Additional Travel Charge:
Zone 1, - 25 miles to 50 miles,   $   50.00
Zone 2, - 50 miles to 75 miles,   $ 100.00
Zone 3, - 75 miles to 100 miles, $ 150.00

* Maximum of 100 Miles from the Shop *

Prices effective March 2015 (prices subject to change)

Atlantic Shed is not responsible for any typo's and omissions.
Listed prices include delivery and installation within basic
delivery area.
See delivery area page for your location and additional charges.

Email for a quote:info@AtlanticShed.com

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