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Wooden Car Ports, ( Built on Site )
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carport1820a (81K)
Wooden Car Ports
16x20, Wooden Carport, 4x4 Pressure Treated Posts with a Solid Roof overhead.
10x16 160 Square Feet $1,950
12x16 192 Square Feet $2,350
14x18 252 Square Feet $3,075
14x20 280 Square Feet $3,415
16x20 320 Square Feet $3,900
16x24 384 Square Feet $4,675

Prices above do not include footings
Solid Concrete Footing 4 feet deep 10 inches wide are $100.00 each.
Anchors for posts are $ 20.00 Each.
Footings should be within 8 feet of each other,

Servicing Massachusetts:

Prices effective May 2012 (prices subject to change)

Additional travel charges may apply

Free delivery within 25 miles of our shop in East Taunton, Ma.

Additional Travel Charge:
Zone 1, - 25 miles to 50 miles,   $   50.00
Zone 2, - 50 miles to 75 miles,   $ 100.00
Zone 3, - 75 miles to 100 miles, $ 150.00

* Maximum of 100 Miles from the Shop *

Standard Features
• Solid Concrete Footings with Anchor Plates
• 4” x 4” Pressure Treated Posts
• 7 Foot Eave Height
• 2” x 4” Top Plates
• 2” x 4” Roof Trusses( 16” on center)
• Galvanized fasteners for weather resistance
• 30 Year architectural shingles with #15 felt underlayment

If you've been parking your vehicle under a tree or out in the sun, it's time to find a better solution. Leaving your expensive vehicle exposed to nature's elements can cause a rapid deterioration in the vehicle's condition and depreciate the value of your investment. Here at Atlantic Shed, we offer a wide range of wooden buildings, carports and detached garages to accommodate your every need.

Atlantic Shed is not responsible for any typo's and omissions.
Listed prices include delivery and installation within basic
delivery area.

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Email for a quote:info@AtlanticShed.com

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Car_Port (57K)

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MaldenCarport1 (109K)
A 12x16 Wooden Carport,

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